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April Showers Bring May Flowers

Posted: May 02, 2014 by Lucine Spheeris

Gardening:  Annuals & Perennials Plants.  

With spring upon us, you may be thinking about what to plant in your flower garden.  Before you start planting it may be helpful to have a clear understanding of the difference between Annual and Perennial plants.

It helps to plan your garden and know what you already have planted to get the look you want.  Let’s start with annuals. An annual is a plant that lives for just one season - they will sprout, flower, seed, and then die – all in the same year.

Annuals tend to bloom all season long, and are often bright and showy making them a popular choice of gardeners. Though you will have to replant next year (or choose another plant to put in your annual’s place), annual plants tend to be less expensive than perennials and are less of a commitment. Some annuals are “self-seeding,” meaning you may wind up with new flowers the following year without having to plant them yourself, though they won’t be exactly where you planted this year.

Popular colorful annuals include zinnias, marigolds and impatiens. The vinca is another popular choice for flower beds they are easy to plant and have bright, showy color.

Perennials live for three or more growing seasons. Perennials generally have shorter blooming periods than annuals – that’s why gardeners often pair them with perennials that bloom at other times to maintain constant color from spring to autumn.  As you drive around the Milwaukee or Waukesha County area, you may see beautiful gardens filled with Roses, peonies, mums, and daylilies.

Happy gardening! 

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